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Emacs Editor Resources

Getting EMacro

Download EMacro here. EMacro is now packaged for the most popular Operating Systems, explained in the download area. The following instructions help you install the tar.gz package.
If you run Microsoft Windows, you will need tar & gzip to extract the EMacro files. You can do this with Cygwin, from or UWIN from After installing it, run the bash shell or korn shell. Then run commands like:

There are also some graphical GUI archive tools:

If you run Mac OS (older than version 10), you can get tar and gzip software to extract EMacro from You might also be able to use Stuffit Expander >= v6.0

Also visit to create your ~/.gnus for email and newsreading with Emacs.

Latest Updates

Emacs Lisp List: Find the new packages you are missing. ell.el which searches for your missing packages. A fast net connection is recommended to use the ell.el add-on.
Perl Web Get: latest package updates
Web Get: tracks latest revisions of packages
Emacs Wiki keeps its elisp libs at
Test the security of new code with sandbox
Unsafep also does malicious elisp code detection


Babel language translator
Flyspell Babel
Cyrillic/Russian info
French Emacs en Français
German Emacs auf Deutsch
German Emacs auf Deutsch
German Emacs auf Deutsch
German Emacs auf Deutsch
German XEmacs auf Deutsch
German - English Dictionary
Gnutran language translation
International Fonts: intlfonts-1.2.tar.gz
Japanese macros, Color modes, Rect-mark
Japanese macros
Korean site
Mule, Unicode, International fonts
Recode, character encoding translation
Spanish dictionary Español

Official Sites And Portals

Emacs home
GNU Emacs home
XEmacs home
Emacs FAQ
Jari's Emacs FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Emacs FAQs and manuals
GNUS Usenet news reader Home
Emacs Implementation List
Emacs package updates
Emacs portal
Emacs Wiki Forum
Example: Emacs Wiki discussion on EMacro
Emacs Wiki keeps its elisp libs at
Emacs IRC Chat channel: See for a list of channels
irc -c #emacs $LOGNAME
Emacs development server
Emacs Beta software
Emacs CVS server
Green Eggs Report: robot list of URLs in newsgroups
XEmacs Search
XEmacs IRC chatirc://


Home of EMacro: .emacs startup
.emacs home and EMacro mirror
Config files
Dotfile Configurator
.gnus sample
X Window keyboard setup
.gnus and related
XEmacs etc/toolbar/*.xpm buttons

Emacs Editor Docs

Emacs Wiki: forum for actively maintained docs
NT Emacs FAQ
NT Emacs FAQ (alternate)
Charles Curley, has thorough docs for w32 setup
Charles Curley's Overview of Emacs
Emacs and Elisp docs. Good overview.
Emacs Info pages, many of which you can see with `Meta-x info` inside Emacs
Intro: elisp
Intro: elisp
elisp tutorial
mode tutorial
Learning flashcard databases, including ELIP to learn Emacs
Intro: Emacs
Intro: Emacs
Keybinding guide
Links: Emacs
Psgml/xml mode
Red Hat/Fedora build from source
Reference: XEmacs elisp
Reference: XEmacs elisp
SMTP mail manual
Spam / Unsolicited Commercial Email
TRAMP remote editing introduction
How Fermi labs uses Emacs
TeX and MS Windows info
Comparing Emacs to XEmacs
Emacs vs XEmacs portability
Common Lisp Wiki

Remote Printing

Print through SSH tunnel doc
CUPS printing doc
Remote printing tool

Tools & Elisp Macros

See also Emacs lisp collections, below. Most of these must be downloaded in addition to Emacs or XEmacs.


Abbrev file for completions
Backup directory
Buffer torus(ring)
Categorizing info manager
Completions macros, TextMenu
Completion templates
Constants for science
CSV Diary import
DAbbrev-hover: completion tooltips
Dictionaries client
Dict front-end
EMacro includes which.el, also available at
Esheet XEmacs spreadsheet
Excerpt requires tellib
GRI: scientific graphs/plots
Guitar tablature
Keybinding quiz
Keyboard tips
Learning program
Line numbers and more
Macsyma math gui
Monkey Dired-like directory editor
Namazu search indexer
Net Hack game
Periodic table
PGP encryption interface
Project management Gantt charts
Quotes, math, Comics
Records mode: better than add-change-log-entry()?
Rememberence Agent
Restore desktop
Restore session
Session remembering
Shell, Scroll
Simple Emacs Spreadsheet
Sound and Speech
Spice circuit emulator
Tab Bar (XEmacs style) for Emacs
VCal export
Vi-style dot redo & more
Wide column
Work Log
World Time, Docbook and more
Xft anti-aliased fonts for XEmacs

System Utilities

XEmacs active-menu
Ascii to ISO 8859-1
Ascii To PostScript mode a2ps-print bundled with a2ps is obsolete. If you know how to reach the maintainers, send me an email:
asynchronous processing
Bulk file rename
Color theme
Crypto File System
CUA keybindings
CUA for XEmacs (beta?)
File browsers: File Sets, File Stats
Favorite/recent files set
GLE Postscript mode
Keyboard layout, Hilighted Minibuffer
GSE Locate file frontend
MP3.el and EmacsSpeak.el
Mouse wheel
RPM edit mode
Shell toggle
Tail mode
XEmacs toolbar
XEmacs Unix toolbar as text
XTerm extras

Internet Tools diary client
Apache, Sendmail & VM tools
Basic and UDT Network
BBDB: Big Brother Data Base tracks email addresses and remembers them for you
BBDB Expiration of old entries
ELSE: code templates
Google API
IMAP email service
Jabber client
Junkbuster, email tools
Mail Crypt
Mail find
Mldonkey / Bittorrent
Mime, report bug to Debian
NNIR: Gnus Search
Protocols & Services lookup
Remote edit background color, Netscape bookmarks
Report Mail headers
rfc view
Spam Assassin lib
Spam Assassin tool
Spam Assassin requires Procmail
Spam filter
TNT, Emacs AOL Instant Messenger client
Tramp: remote file editing
Hobo: simplified TRAMP. Requires scp & ssh-agent
VM email "from" helper
Wiki mode: organize thoughts
Wiki mode
Web Log + xml-rpc
W3 browser
W3m text browser includes Emacs support
w3m browser Emacs interface
W3m navigator

Programming Languages

C++ Font Lock
Comment Templates
CPerl mode
CSharp mode
CSDE: C# Development Environment
DAML mode
Erlang distributed language
graphviz mode
Java CheckStyle
Java minor mode by Quality First Software
Java-Open file
Javascript mode
JDE help
JPad: Emacs ported to Java
Matlab and Target Language Compiler modes
Multiple Major Mode lets you combine major edit modes, for example, javascript & html
Oct: Elisp matrix math
Oracle sqlplus; eiffel; elisp intro; gnuserv and Haskell
scheme mode
SQL embedded, Pike, IDL
SQL mode and TPU-edt
SQL*Plus (Oracle) HTML output
Visual Basic mode
Visual Basic Project mode

Programmer Tools

Ant mode
Antlr Java Make/Project file
Arch and Subversion Reversion Control
Batch/CMD MS Windows mode
Color, SQL
Flymake: On the fly syntax checking
Gnu Visual Debugger
Gtk wizard
InfoLook mode sensitive help
literate programming
Name completion (see companion libs)
Perforce (try with gnuserv)
Perforce extras
Profile .emacs
Pymacs: python instead of elisp
QA; hideshow; make-gnu-project; html trip logs; abbrev-tree and wup: web site updater
Regexp Highlight
Regression Test
Scheme tool
SOAP interface
Source Safe
Template files
TestCover: visual code coverage
Version Control, whitespace
XRefactory (shareware, aka xref)

HTML, SGML and XML Modes

Sgml-mode, psgml-mode, html-mode and hm--html-mode are useful for editing html files. Some of these modes are officially bundled with Emacs. Html-helper-mode is a bit more useful. It works more or less well on Gnu Emacs, as it is still under development. When you find a port to X Emacs, it works quite well. It can be difficult to find, so I have a separate section here.

BHL: Plain text to HTML/SGML/LaTeX
DTD editor for XML/SGML
html-fontify, ELAE
HTML-helper-mode official site. Requires visual-basic-mode.el (even on unix). Recommended for FSF/Gnu Emacs.
HTML helper mode recommended for XEmacs
HTMLize: export as HTML
nXML: James Clark's new XML mode
nXML: James Clark's new XML mode
PHP mode
PHP mode
psgml/xml mode
sp / nsgmls: James Clark's parser is called by psgml
Tehom extensions to psgml
Wiki tool
XAE: XML Authoring Environment
xml-parse and more
XML/SGML tools
XML tools
xref: create links in any doc
XSlide: XML tool. Also look at a sample DTD from W3C
XSLT process Minor mode: View transformed XML output
X-Symbol: WYSIWYG HTML and (La)TeX
XXML works with psgml to colorize/font lock

LaTeX and TeX Text Tools

Customize, TeX toolbar
Find BibTeX entries on web
Intro to TeX
LaTeX doc & toolbar for XEmacs
LaTeX tools
Preview LaTeX
Session, template, TeX, x-symbol: html editing.
UltraTeX, Lightning word completion
TeX viewer

Emacs Lisp Archives (Official)
Emacs mail/Usenet archive
This is not a mirror of Ohio State's archive, but is useful
Elisp snippets from gnu.emacs.sourcesnntp://
This official site is often slow. Try the mirrors above.
lisp archive
Lisp Code Dir

Emacs Lisp Archives (Unofficial)

Elisp collection
Elisp macro archive
Elisp macro archive
Geek Girl's Emacs portal:
XEmacs ftp site
5x5 puzzle, BinClock, BoxQuote, Discord date, Festival Speech, Garble GPS, Icmp-info (ipchains), Lbdb (bbdb clone), Mutt-alias, Ngn newsreading, Obfsurl, Parenface, Post (mutt), /etc/Protocols, Quickurl, Sawfish, /etc/Services, Smartsig, Thinks cartoon bubbles, Top Level Domain, Uptimes
Editing Process Organizer, web diary, window layout, perl completions
desire, diary, gnuserv
Emacs Development tools: Checkdoc, ECB, EDE, EIEIO, Semantic Bovinator, Speedbar, Working
Java and other utils
Log analysis, Minibuffer scroll, CD player
Gimp, desktop, buffers, function list
Internetworking macros and more
Open GL mode, BBDB and more
Tab Bar, Java tools, more
Tiny Tools
Power apps; coffee; postgres; watson search engine interface; dict-web; babelfish; cgi server; lout
EShell, Scheduler, Planner, and more
Docs, SQL-Mode home, Color Themes, BBDB and MUD/MUSH, Wiki
Watson web search and more
Kai GroŖjohann's site: Much internetworking code
Clipper: named clipboards, Midnite Commander, internetworking code: RFC Util, CVS annotate, tab-display, versioned backups
Deego's site: Autoview: LaTeX front end, Backup, BBDBrc, Elder documentor, Eshell, Idle timer, MessageX, Pcomplete, Primes and TimerFunctions
SSL, grep, more
Customize, wiki, httpd, planner...
Docs & Libs

Ports To Various Platforms & OS specific software

Binaries for unix like systems
Compaq / Mips / Nonstopux
Corba bindings
Cygwin symlink support
gnuservw, fast XEmacs restart
gnuservw, fast XEmacs restart
gnuserv for NT
Gtk XEmacs
HP/UX XEmacs info
Innosetup & File Extension Association
Mac Aqua Emacs
Mac Drag & Drop
Mac OS Emacs
Mac OS: Bare Japanese port
Mac OS Emacs- original port?
Palm OS Big Brother Data Base
Palm OS Big Brother Data Base
Palm OS link
Palm Pilot tools
Sun os/solaris
NT Emacs tips
W32 launch apps, innosetup
WinCE Emacs
Windows binaries
Windows binaries
Windows binaries
Windows binaries
Windows binaries
Windows32 Emacs
Windows32 Elisp macros
Windows start menu editor
Windows menu
Windows registry
Windows shellex calls external programs
Windows tools including shellex
Windows tools including ghostview and LaTeX
VBacs is VBA code to put Emacs keybindings into MS Word

External Tools & Accessories

Crossword puzzle to learn Emacs
Exhuberant CTAGS: quickly indexes your source code declarations and references
gnuserv home
IDEntify a Gtk IDE wrapper for Emacs
Info to HTML converter
HTML Validator
Ispell international spell checker
Ispell international spell checker. Note that v3.1.20 is more recent than v4.0!
kbdrate adjusts keyboard performance
Mac OS tools portal
MS Windows Unix toolkit
MS Windows Unix utilities
MS Windows: MikTeX, Postscipt
MS Windows zsh shell
Perl script to read BBDB data
Power macros: makes generating macros easier
Pretty printer
Pretty printer
TeraTerm w32 ssh/telnet client
voice recognition
voice recognition
Voice recognition
Voice recognition
XKeycaps: fix keybindings in X Window


The Craft of Text EditingCraig A. Finseth 
GNU Emacs ManualRichard M Stallman1-882114-06-X
GNU EmacsSchoonver, et als.0-201-56345-2
Learning GNU EmacsCameron, et als.1-56592-152-6
Sams Teach Yourself Emacs in 24 HoursJesper Kjśr Pedersen0672315947

Internet News Groups

gnu.emacs.* including

Other Open, Multiplatform, Multipurpose Editors

Cream makes Vim (Vi improved) easy
Eclipse (Java focused)
Scintilla / Scite

Reviews of EMacro

Summary of EMacro
Summary of EMacro
University of Alberta uses EMacro
EMacro erklärt auf Deutsch
Comments from a Slashdot blogger

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