WHAT'S NEW IN THIS RELEASE (see also ChangeLog.html and Upgrades in Install.html)
EMacro is now translated into several languages. Note that these translations will not be as recent as the English original.
EMacro now works without necessarily disrupting your legacy .emacs file.
EMacro docs now work better on XHTML 1.1 compliant browsers running javascript. I will collect a list, if your old browser version is not compliant, but I recommend a browser upgrade.
Root access now required. EMacro v2.8.8, the last production version not requiring root access, will be kept in the archives for now.
Install scripts are no longer needed nor used
Tiny-tools and beta JDEE are now packaged for your convenience.
These recent versions have been tested:

Gnu Emacs v21.3
Mac OS X works, but Emacs-on-aqua is not supported. See resources.html for a supported native Aqua Emacs
v20.6 or higher recommended
[Gnu] XEmacs v21.4 Mac OS XEmacs is not supported.
Beta GTk XEmacs had limited testing.
v21.1.9 or higher recommended

I recommend installing EMacro Libs.
Classic Mac OS v8-9.x may still work, but is no longer maintained.

Annoyance Bugs

There is a bug in which.el v0.44; it won't run interactively under Gnu Emacs. EMacro uses which.el in batch mode (compiled), so it works. Christoph Conrad, author of which.el, is aware of this problem.
In keythemes, such as CUA, when you start a search, C-s will continue searching, and will not save, until you escape from the search. Since I do not maintain the code for isearch-forward(), this will not be fixed soon.
If you see (1) (error/warning) Error in `pre-command-hook' (setting hook to nil): in XEmacs, this is because the XEmacs port of cua-mode.el is a beta release.

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