EMacro Libs

requires EMacro v2.4.4 or higher.


All code in EMacro Libs are licensed by each author. All licenses should be compatible with the GPL (see © (COPYING.html)

EMacro Libs does not guarantee to package the latest versions of all elisp libraries. Email if you find a package is out of date.


To use EMacro Libs without EMacro, you must add /usr/share/elisp to your load-path. Add the following elisp code to your .emacs file, or for EMacro users, to ~/emacs/e-path.el:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/share/elisp")

Of course, if you are not using EMacro, you must still configure all of these libraries for use; this is the purpose of EMacro.

Microsoft Windows

MS Windows has limited POSIX compliance. Sharing EMacro Libs between Emacs and XEmacs takes a little more effort. If you run both, the Windows setup package will install EMacro Libs for Emacs, only. Here are some alternate solutions, to get EMacro Libs to also work for XEmacs:

  1. Edit e-path.el, to add Emacs's site-lisp dir to the load-path
  2. Copy all files in Emacs's site-lisp dir to XEmacs's packages dir
  3. Re-install EMacro Libs into XEmacs's packages dir

What's Not Included

You may need to e-refresh EMacro's cache, before using EMacro Libs. The bin/*/e-refresh script removes the prefs/*cache files for you. Included are all those elisp libraries supported by EMacro, which do not require byte-compiling, and are portable between Emacs and XEmacs. The following projects fail these criteria, and are missing from EMacro Libs. These are mostly large packages, which update more frequently, and are best downloaded directly:

BBDB: Big Brother Data Base http://bbdb.sourceforge.net/
CSDE: C# Development Environment http://csde.sourceforge.net/
Esheet XEmacs spreadsheet http://esheet.sourceforge.net/
Java JDEE http://jdee.sunsite.dk/
Tiny Tools http://tiny-tools.sourceforge.net/
W3 browser http://www.cs.indiana.edu/elisp/w3/docs.html

EMacro also supports many binaries. No binaries ship with EMacro Libs. Many are commonly included, such as CVS or a web browser. Databases and compilers are also missing. Microsoft Windows users should install http://www.cygwin.com/ Here are some supported binaries you more likely will need to download:

a2ps: Syntax colored printouts http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/gnu/a2ps/
Exhuberant CTAGS: quickly indexes your source code http://ctags.sourceforge.net/
Ghostscript http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/ghostscript
Ghostview http://www.gnu.org/software/ghostview/
Ispell international spell checker http://fmg-www.cs.ucla.edu/fmg-members/geoff/ispell.html
Ispell spell checker. Note that v3.1 is more recent than v4.0! http://ficus-www.cs.ucla.edu/
Jikes javac compiler http://www.jikes.org/
ncftp http://www.ncftpd.com/
nsgmls: XML parser http://www.jclark.com/sp/howtoget.htm

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