EMacro was written with much help and code contributed by the people below. These authors have copylefted (i.e. copyrighted) their code under the GNU Public License(GPL). For details on the GNU Project including legal rights, visit www.gnu.org

The Bug Swatting EMacro Team
Jan Borsodi
EMacro team - C++ and "NO" Norwegian
Robert Eccardt
EMacro team - Web CGI script
Bruce Ingalls
EMacro team - creator, maintainer
Furlan Primus
EMacro team - testing, and windows batch files
S.V.N. Vishwanathan
EMacro team - doc, testing and web

Francesco Zanolin
"IT" Italian
Hartwig Brandl
"DE" German
Alex Stegmann
"FR", "DE", "ES" French, German, Spanish
"FR" French
Ziyad Almbasher
"AR" Arabic
Achmad Gozali
"ID" Indonesian
Marcelo Morais
"pt_BR" Portugese (Brazilian)
Jesús Espino
"ES" Spanish
Michael Lyubinin
"RU", "UK" Russian, Ukranian
Trimbitas Sorin
"RO" Romanian

Other Contributors
David Allen
Jari Aalto
debug-toggle and tinytools
Mike Ballard
Klaus Berndl
babel add-ons, ECB / Ediff support
Christoph Conrad
Steve Dodd
Benoit Goudreault-Emond
Soliman Hindy
Ulrich Kaage
xemacs confirm print
Steve Kemp
catdoc MS-Word import (in contrib)
Dick Knowles
Andy Ling
Phillip Lord
Jeff Miller
Yuji Minejima
Stefan Monnier
Robert Praetorius
Jack Repenning
David Robinow
Ingo Ruhnke
Dr. Göran Schild
Alex Schroeder
sql code
Stephen Tse
Colin Walters

Special Thanks
Ingo Koch
for advice and testing. His web is an official mirror of EMacro: http://www.dotemacs.de/
Kai Großjohann
He answers many questions in the comp.emacs newsgroup. We hope EMacro will reduce the volume of repeat questions from new users.
Kevin Rodgers
Another member of the Emacs community, whose help and code has made EMacro better.
Without the help of Adriene , I would still have my sports injury <grin>

The HTML menu tabs come from http://www.alistapart.com/articles/slidingdoors/. That site is devoted to elegant, standards compliant HTML.

We welcome GPL code contributions to the EMacro project!

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