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What is EMacro?

EMacro is a portable configuration file that configures itself. These are the help documents for EMacro. EMacro works best with the leading edge libraries in EMacro Libs.

The Problem

With every new and different task, you end up having to learn a new and different editor. One for XML on Mac OS, another for Perl on Unix.

Fortunately, Emacs and the similar XEmacs editing systems can handle most such tasks you throw at them. Some users go beyond this, using Emacs for a consistent, Unix-like shell, for searching and moving files, checking mail and news, etc.

Others are daunted by the power of Emacs. Your local bookstore might not carry books on elisp programming, necessary to setup Emacs beyond the basics.

The Solution

EMacro prompts you once only, with a few questions, saving your preferences into a file in ~/emacs (your HOME directory. EMacro sets sane defaults for you, with no need to write a program.
While Emacs now bundles cua for familiar C-x = cut functionality, EMacro includes keythemes to better match keystroke/keybinding standards of other programs in your Gnome, KDE, Mac or MS Windows environment.
Just select Options -> Customize Emacs -> Browse Customization Groups from the Emacs menu. Using the mouse [2] middle button, expand + widgets, and to select an e-keytheme, then restart:

[-]-\ Group Emacro
    | [-]-\ Group E Keys
    |  |  `--- Option E Keytheme

It's even easier with XEmacs: choose Options -> Advanced (Customize) -> Emacro -> E Keys -> E Keytheme from the menu.
If you haven't seen Emacs lately, it is now much easier to compile, and to learn. If you can't figure it out from the menus, there is a built-in tutorial. If you don't see the tutorial in the splash screen, simply type C-h t ('Control h' then 't')

Since you now only need to know one editor, you can spend your time mastering it, rather than relearning a new system. These pages will help you find the tools you need, from what may be the largest library around. Enjoy!

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